Does anyone know how to use the HaloPun function?

Aside from the tool tip I can’t seem to find any documentation on it. How does it work exactly?

Maybe it’s just me being a noob but sure could use a little help.

JamesK said:

‘Halo puno’ means that the size/visibility of each vertex’s halo depends on the direction of the vertex normal. In real life, this means that if a particular face is aimed straight into the camera, the halos will be visible - but will be less and less visible as the face is turning away from the camera.

To test this, start with the default plane and the default camera position. Add a normal halo material to the plane (just click halo, nothing else). When you render, you will get an image containing four halos. Now, click the HaloPuno button, and render again. You will see nothing, because the plane normal is pointing straight up rather than into the camera. Now rotate the plane, in side-view, 90 degrees to face the camera. Render again and the halos are fully visible. Rotate the plane back again about 45 degrees and the halos are still visible, but far less intense.


Ohh, so that’s what it does, thanks. Every time I tried it the normal wasn’t facing the camera so I thought there was something else I needed to do first.

Thanks Fligh %