Does anyone know Japanese here?

Hey. I noticed on my website that many people have been coming to my site from, and I found the one thread that links to my page. I think that they may be having some trouble with toxic and I would like to help, but I have no idea how to. Google translator can’t cover it, and I think I need to be signed up.

If anyone could help, or at least translate the basic ideas of it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Japanese are here? but the attack begins at six o’clock…

Altavista babel fish seems to work, but I can’t display the characters. If you have a japanese charcter set on your computer that might be the way to go…


One thing that’s always bothered me - if they have several thousand hieroglyphs (spelling?), then how the hel do they type? Do they have keyboards the size of small houses?

Nope, the keyboard is in katakana and the word processor translates to kanjis when it can recognize one.


Katakana are their characters that represent sounds (I think) and Kanji represents words. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

To be more precise, kanjis are ideograms while katakana and iragana represent phonems (sounds). Katakana are for japanese words and iragana are for foreign words spelled in japanese (sounds confusing? :P).


Katakana= imported words
hiragana= japanese words

Darn, don’t tell me I got it backwards?!
/me kocks head on wall


Those translators are so bad that it hurts. They are semi-useful for word by word translations, but your dog will give you better foriegn grammer.

i know that.

i can use the translator and my knowlede of spanish to figure out the french forum. but the japanese is out of my reach

Why don’t you just post there and ask? Some of them must understand English.

Darn, don’t tell me I got it backwards?!
/me kocks head on wall


jk :smiley:


and you can figure out how to sign up?

Yup, I’ve done it…

Posted on the site telling them to contact you here…

(It seems guessing fields and buttons from site layout works!!)


It’s Yam-Yam’s site and if he has any interest in it he’s already translated it you can be sure. He’s a member here so you can search for his profile.