Does anyone know much about the YafaRay renderer?

Saw a post about the Yafaray renderer. Does anyone know much about it? Is it better than Cycles in its quality in rendering Blender scenes? Is it compatible with Blender 2.69? What are the positives and negatives about it?

Its compatible with Blender 2.69. For my eyes Yafaray’s interior renders and lightings are superior compared to Cycles, pro quality noise free renders.
There are only 6 types of materials: Blend, Rough glass, Glass, Coated glossy, Glossy, Shiny diffuse
Thats why its easy to learn
Lighting methods are: SPPM(Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping), Photon mapping, Bidirectional, Pathtracing, Direct Lighting.
Its Cpu renderer, so only memory of your computer is limit.