Does anyone know of a FREE bvh reading program for windows

I just need something that will tell me how many frames a bvh animation is BEFORE I import it into blender so that I can adjust the blender timeline. As it is any frames beyond what you have the blender timline set to just get cut off. As if they are not in the file. I know this becasue I tried importing a bvh and it did not look right so I lengthen out tha timeline from the default 250 frames to 500 frame and reimported the same file from scratch and viola there were more frames.

I have BVHacker. It works but the screen for it opens up full screen on my laptop and cannot be resize( I have tired) so the bottom of the screen where the number of frames of the .bvh file is cut off.

I have tried avimator and qvavimator. Both of them crash at random times.

You should be able to just import the animation and have Blender adjust the scene duration automatically.
Just check the Update Scene Duration box in the import window.
If that doesn’t work, you can open the .bvh file in any plaintext editor (Notepad++ or the like) and the frame count should be just a few lines down (on line 12 in my test file).

Thanks PyBlend. I am still using 2.79. I have 2.81 but it has a problem with my older graphics chip. So I am stuck with 2.79 for the time being. But the tip on the text file does help.

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