Does anyone know of a free MIDI to WAV convertor?

I’ve made some music in Noteworthy Composer which exports them as MIDI files, so I need to convert them into WAVs to play in the game engine. I could record them off of my computer’s speakers, but that lowers the quality considerably and makes a massive file (because it records every slight noise).
I know Audacity has a record setting that records what’s coming out the computer’s speakers directly, but that option doesn’t seem to be available for me - I don’t think my sound card likes that:(

What OS?

I’m not sure about later versions of Audacity but as I recall, it will play midis but not edit or save them as a different format. Also, it will record from the audio input but I’m not sure about it intercepting and recording output.

There is a Mac utility called Audio Hijack which will record from output and save in wav(?) format. If not wav then it will save in a format Audacity can convert to wav.

you can buy a simple stereo male to male cord and connect your line out to your line in. Load up the midi in your favorite player, and start sound recorder recording. You see, the Midi has to be “rendered” by your sound synthesis software, sorta like corresponding to taking your blend file and making an image. You then have to save this “rendering” using a wav recorder.

If you’re on Windows, try the MODPlug Tracker. You just need to load the default MIDI sound bank (right click on the tree folder view, then Add sound bank, and look for a file called gm.dls, it’s on [windowsdir]/system32/drivers). Then, load the MIDI file and go to File>Save as Wave…. It works very good for most MIDI files I’ve tried.

Note that if you want it to be a perfect conversion, you’ll have to have some knowledge of MPT and do some adjustments to the instruments and/or samples, or to the song itself.

It’s hard to find a good one. It always takes me FOREVER to sort through the piles of shareware applications and I had found one but I lost it in the computer format or else I would tell you.

I think I just downloaded MIDConverter and cracked it. =/

iTunes is free and does it

right click on the midi and convert to wav

why not just play the midi and then set audacity to record using Stereo Mix as the input? This will guarantee perfect quality and also saves you all the hassle of …cracking.
Remeber, if you can play it, it can be recorded.
also, winamp has an easy-to-use writeToWav output plugin.

Timidity++ is a (open source) alternative.

* Opensource

  • Should be cross-platform (or at least Win/Linux)
  • Can export midi files to wav, ogg, among other formats as well as playback on computer speakers

* You will need to search, download, collate your own set of instrument ‘patches’/soundsets (whatever they’re called), to make much use of it. After a lot of searching, I still haven’t found a complete set of these which totally work well.
NB: ideasman_42 has created quite a few of these things, available from various websites

  • It doesn’t seem to have been developed for ages (since 2003)

I’ve also encountered some software for Linux only that acts a bit like sockets (?) except for audio, which seems to be useful for recording midi output from some programs. I think it was called Jack or something like that.


As far as i know the tool “Power Lame” is able to do so.

Thanks for the links everyone:)
I’m actually on Windows btw, I should’ve mentioned that before:o
AndyD: I don’t think Audacity will play them either, it just shows the MIDI-form (or whatever it’s called). There is a way of recording the output according to the website, but the option isn’t available for me:(
RogerWickes: Sorry about my complete lack of computer knowledge:o, but by line in and line out do you mean the microphone and speaker plugs on the back of the computer?
Friday13: Thanks, I’ll try that:yes:
valarking: Do you by any chance remember how you cracked it?;):eyebrowlift:
waylow: Thanks, but unfortunately I’m on Windows (I’m assuming iTunes is mac-only?).
mpan3: I don’t think my sound card supports that - that option isn’t available:confused:
Allgorith: Sounds confusing;) I’ll have a look though, thanks:)
Thracian: I think I’ll have to put that one through Google Translator;)

waylow: Thanks, but unfortunately I’m on Windows (I’m assuming iTunes is mac-only?).

nope - I run it on windows - hate the program I just use it to convert midi to wav or MP3’s

Oh, so it is:o Thanks:)
By the way, I found this as well, if anyone’s interested. It’s a site that converts MIDIs to WAVs or mp3s for you online:D It sometimes changes the instrument sounds a bit, but it could come in handy - its piano sound is an improvement over Noteworthy’s anyway:D

I know there are on line services to convert midi to mp3/wav but they allow co convert a limited file quantity and the quality is rather poor. I use a special application for this MIDI to MP3 Converter, it produces great output quality thanks to the possibility to use soundfonts and setting when converting.

jet audio will do it for you , i have tried it !!! :slight_smile: , it’s awesome .

Ok, I know this is overkill, but you can load them into LMMS and then set whatever instrument/synth/whatever you want to play each instrument.

Also you can tweak and mix :slight_smile:

Hey, good for you.