Does anyone know of any good motherboard/CPU/RAM combos?

I want to buy a new computer. But, I’m not recent in the hardware scene. I know all the basics, and know that having a good mobo and CPU combo is one of the best thigns you can do. Only problem is that I keep on finding only Dual core or 64-bit processors. I just want a fast, 32-bit processor that don’t need any extra accessories like a fancy cooling system or anything.

Thanks for any tips.

Dual core processors actually generally run cooler than single core. You’re more likely to need some fancy cooler for a single core (like a p4 or something). Why wouldn’t you want a 64-bit processor?

What’s so good about a 64-bit? It’s only more expensive, and I want a good one that’s fairly cheap.

The best motherboard I have ever used is a MSI one and I’ve owned asus and gigabyte? motherboards and they were pretty poor to be honest, especially for their high price tag. MSI all the way…

Also, 64bit CPUs (AMD’s anyway) will run 32bit fine - while i wont discourage you from buying a 32bit processor, you can get high performance 64bit processors for pretty cheap now, although cooling is an issue in terms of low noise anyway…

The thing is, if you intend to keep this new computer for some time, you’d want a 64bit CPU since windows and many more apps are converting to 64.