Does anyone know the names of two blender animated films?

(cree) #1

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the names of the two blender animated films mentioned on page 159 of the Blender1.5 manual? Thanks

(0ptikz) #2

Hey dude,

I know for a fact that one of the films is the blacksmith animation. Not sure what the other one is, but if you’ve seen “diditdoneit” which is a compilation film from Neogeo, It becomes apparent that Blender has been used for quite a lot of commercial projects…And why not? It was developed as an in-house animation suite for Neo Geo after all.

I think the term “Films” is quite deceptive, think of them as short animations.

(cree) #3

Thanks Dude;

I knew about the in-house software but I didn’t know the name of the short. Yes, Blender is quite incredible. I am not surprised that it was used in a lot of commercial work. I plan to use Blender to win at a local film festival. All modesty aside (ha ha).