Does anyone know the order the logic blocks are exicuted ?

Is there a way to get the logic bricks code printed out? Perhaps to the console? So you can trace the logic of the game?

Does anyone know any docs for the logic blocks, other than at

It would help to be able to trace the code and track down errors that way. Im going nuts with collision detection.

It happens and is detected, but the code is not fully implemented when close to another object/collision. Some how the other object, not even an actor stops the full collision process.

Anyway, I was looking for something in the game menu but didnt see anything.

Thanks for helping.

A bit later. When using edit object actuator add object. It adds the object where the other is, or was just before deleting it.

Is it possible to add the new object higher up off the ground? So it will fall on top of other objects and show?

I dont know, maybe the collision above is happening, but the new dead mouse is being added below the tracking object and you just cant see it?

When collision is a little off the tracking object, then sometimes you see, the dead mouse, sometimes you see just a tail, and sometimes you dont see anything?
I cannot make the kill a box to lift it because then other mice will run into it. They need to be able to run over it.
I quess I could position it with an empty? Do empties fall to the ground, or stay put?

Maybe the kill needs to be more dynamic…

The file can be downloaded here

As for showing the logic bricks… I don’t know if that is possible. I’m not saying it is imposable, i’m saying I don’t know how to:( .

By docs you mean…? do you want to know what the different logic bricks do?(is that what you want???)

If I under stood the problem, it involved when you squish the mouse, the dead mouse doesn’t always show; it sometimes works and other times just a tail shows up, right? If thats the case, this should fix it. Make the hammer a “ghost”. Click “actor” >> “ghost” (do not make it dynamic).

:smiley: Hope that helps!!!:smiley:

:cool: Lostinspace:cool:

Yes, the logic bricks. When you start the game with P, those bricks and everything in the scene are converted to machine language.

Something is wrong there. If I could trace the code that way, I could understand it. I think. LOL.

I was hoping there was something to ‘turn on’ and I could see the code in the console as the game played? Kind of like a dump, but not at that level.

I couldnt read it at that level. LOL. And yes I am looking for more info on the logic blocks. I cant find anything anyplace. Except the extinct game kit.

I have been waiting for an update, but I dont see it happening yet. So make the club a ghost and that will solve it?

How did you go about finding the answer? Trial and error? I need to be able to figure these things out myself, and stop bothering you! I was hoping to find some tools.

Thank you again. I need to donate time to help you with something?

Well… I looked at it with different views and said to myself… “what could cause this”. I then noticed that the times where you killed the mouse and nothing showed up, that the dead mouse was “under” the ground. From this observation I then concluded that it was there because the hammer was pushing the mouse through the ground. To solve this I changed the hammer to “ghost”, which couldn’t push the mouse through the ground with that setting.

Trial & Error is the best method iti. You have the Game Kit. That is more than enough.
I also encourage you to learn of bit of python - just start with some small scripts and soon you’ll catch up.
I strongly recommend you to use version 2.41 because most of the details in the Game Kit will properly work in this version - so you don’t have worry about too much. Then you can easily find out errors in 2.43
i am waiting for your game of squishing the mice to be completed…