Does anyone know were I can get some soundfonts that sound like old DOS games?

Title says all. But, if you still don’t know what I mean, have any of you ever played Duke Nukem II? I want soundfonts similar to that. Or one’s like Doom, or Duke Nukem 3D, Crystal Caves, Cosmo Canyon, Blake Stone, etc.

Thank you for any replies.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot, I’m trying google right now, but I can’t think of the phrase to put in. Putting in “DOS soundfont” or any combonation would pop up different results then what I want.

What do you mean by sound fonts? Are they the music or sound effects? And, you can probably find a tool to extract them from the executables.

I mean soundfonts for the old Midi intruments, for the background music.

I think they used the roland sounds, but I’m not sure. If you want those, download OpenMPT (a nice music composer), go to the instruments tab, now on the side bar click gm.dls (or midi library). Go to one of the folders, and then drag an instrument to the black section of the instrument area. Now, go to the samples tab and save the samples (there might be more than one, if it is a melodic instrument).

If you don’t have windows, then I don’t know how to do this.

Oh, awsome, I already had ModPlug Tracker, but I didn’t know it had so many cool things. i should check it out more. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Midi instrument importing was one of the first things I discovered, actually.

Well, I seem to have the wrong version or something, but in the MPT, it has really realistic instuments. What version do you have?

Open Modplug Tracker version

OpenMPT is the open source version.

You can get soundfonts at:

The tracker application has nothing to do with the instrument bank your computer may have. However, ModPlug Tracker (or OpenMPT) is the only that I know of with support for the DLS format (which is used by the defaul Windows midi instrument set). Its SoundFont support is very basic, so the ones from the above two sites might not sound the way you expect them to (you can convert them to .WAV samples with SynthFont).

henrymop, the majority of the soundcards from back then used FM Synthesizer chips rather than soundfonts.

Not sure whether you can get a soundfont which emulates an fm synthesizer sound card.