Does anyone know where can I download Blender 2.49? URGENT

Hey guys I really need to have Blender 2.49 for the moment, I was trying to look for it in but they only have the latest one…

Can someone please let me know where can I download Blender 2.49b version? this is really important, thanks in advance for your reply.
On the download page there is a link to older versions

Well, I click on Blender 2.49b and I saw a full list of the blender stuff but I not too sure which one to download though…

can I just download one of them ‘’ , what’s the difference between this and the others? thankyou

There are versions for different operating systems (OSX, windows, linux, solaris), options for 32 or 64bit operating systems and zip or installer verisions, Basically the same options that are available for 2.57 on the download page. Install the one that is appropriate to your operating system, then either as a zip or installer. Which version is which is in the file name.

yea I got it! successfully downloaded the 2.49b version but how come under the ‘script window’ —> ‘object’----> I can’t find the ‘cross section’ tool to cut through the section of my building?

Have a look to the command shell after starting, i think a python 2.6 installation is missing.
Blender works, but not all scripts.

Cheers, mib.

I still use the 2.49 version, so I could have emailed you a copy. But it seems you have found a copy.