Does anyone know where can I get some really good flower and plant assets?

I need free ones.
I have been looking at sketchfab for hours but didn’t found any good ones.
It’ll be a great help if someone can provide me with links to download them.

Here’s a pro tip- if something is “really good”, 9 times out of 10, it’s not free. If you want professional quality assets, you can expect to either pay professional prices or make them yourself. There are some excellent plants on BlenderMarket:
and they look like they’re about 2 to 3 dollars on average, which is very cheap.

If they HAVE to be free, there’s 229 free plants on . Most of them aren’t professional quality, because they’re free, but they’re decent at least

Thank you so much for the advice and links!
Truth be told I have never rendered plants so I thought I’d experiment and then make a proper render if I can adjust my style or add them to my artstyle.
That’s why I didn’t wanted to spend a penny until I was sure that I can do good with plants and all

I totally get that, no worries :sweat_smile: here’s some more free plants: