Does anyone know where I can find a non reflective glass material?

I have a situation where I cannot have reflectivity. Turning off gloss in object settings does not work. Thanks

Try standalone Transparency or Refraction shader. If refraction is desired and you get a bunch of black spots, try creating Refraction and Transparency shaders mixed with fresnel. Regular Glass is Refraction and Glossy with fresnel, here you are substituting the Glossy with Transparency in the areas Refraction can’t operate (total internal reflection and so on).

It will look weird:

This shader is reflective. You can see the yellow object in the glass. I don’t want to see reflections of other windows across the room in the window I am looking at. Thanks CarlG.

i dont think you can have a glass that isnt reflective in real life, unless its super transparent ,i think so !!!
but i think that your just looking for transparency refraction .

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What about not using glass and somehow just using a transparent bsdf? How do I setup that node setup? Thanks

i belive it will give you what you want … but it might look a little bit weird like a plastic wall !!!

you should mix the transparent and refraction .but i am not sure

Nope, it’s transmissive and transparent only. Should be evident by the node setup. Here is one with reflections, for comparison.

I forgot to set the Refraction to 1,1,1 white though, so it’s a bit darker than it should.
In none of these do I account for shadows without caustics. That’s a whole different story.

Edit: 1,1,1 - pure white - is evil!
I just had a firefly greater than infinity (apparently 1e40 is infinity in Blender). With both clampings at 100 enabled, I’m still able to get insane brightness levels. The shader was a Bob Ross moment, ignore that weird stuff.

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You can disable objects showing up in reflections.

Or render them separately then comp your scene back.

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