does anyone know why this texture is repeating....

I want the plane to be a different color and then decal placed over it. however the image is repeating, map input is set to uv . also, why can’t i zoom with ctrl+alt+lmb in global view anymore? it was working this morning. here’s the link, it’s pretty big to post in here.

hit tex face in the material buttons instead of assigning the image to the material, it [not using texface] will assign the texture to all faces, regardless of their uv mapping or current image assignment

no idea why control+alt+lmb would quit working, if blender thinks you have control or alt pressed you can hit them a few times… also you might want to check the emulate 3 button mouse option in the prefrences [under view and controls]

z3r0 d.
thanks that helped the repeating problem. it places the image according to the uv which is cool. but now my entire plane is white and I can’t assign a regular color the faces.

what i want is to make the entire plane it’s own color, and put that image as a decal. the image has an alpha channel so i hope it works the way it should.

can explain to me how to get the plane it’s own color but with that image slapped on?

use multiple materials [one for where the decal is, another for everywhere else] or uvmap the rest of the faces to a transparent part of the image [and go back to using an image texture]

z3ro d.
so it turns out no matter how i tried or whatever tutorial i used, i couldn’t assign the mats the way I wanted them. so I just decided to use your second option and unwrapped the entire plane.
thanks for you help. btw, with texturing like this, can i still use the shaders? like if I wanted a toon shade over this texture would it show up properly?

once again, thanks for you help!.

im not using the top one in my final.