Does anyone remember what this is or where to find it?

(Sirgeorge) #1

A couple of years ago I saw this one pdf spread online (I think I picked it up from a blendernation post). The pdf spread was a cross section of several aspects of blender development. Some of the text focused on telling the history of the blender foundation. Another section focused on listing other tools that were used to make blender institute films other then blender (Inkscape was listed as well as Krita). The background (if I remember correctly) was as grey as the forum background is and text was wrapped around images at some points. Can anyone point me to where this document is? I’ve been looking but been unable to find it. Any help would be much appreciated.

(3dcgfx) #2

There was a Blender pdf magazine, each issue had a theme,
perhaps it as on of those?