Does anyone use an external graphics card?

I would like to use Cycles more efficiently and I’m just wondering about the pros and cons of using an external graphics card. I want to get a new one for the pc but keep reading that they might be too big to fit inside the computer case.

Are there external graphics cards that work with Cycles to render off the GPU?

If not then there probably aren’t any off the shelf ready to go pc computers that could do that as well.

Any thoughts most appreciated.

I didn’t know such things exist. When did they come about and how do they work? By USB?

That I don’t know but did a search on the internet and some use usb others a different port through the computer. Most instances I’ve found are ones that use laptops and need dual monitor support. Other things I’ve read were for gaming performance but not sure where 3d creations play into that.

Dont waste youre money lol. My rig cost me £500 all together, well worth it.
I was thinking of getting one, i`m so glad i did not :slight_smile:

How in details did you build your “rig” ?

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Sorry. I did not build it, i would not know how too i brought mine from, fresh solutions.

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Do you have a Link to the product you bought ?

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I think I’m just going to hold off and build my own computer or get a new graphics card. I don’t know yet I keep going back and forth on that one.

It’s a while ago, but I found this interesting:

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