Does anyone use FL Studio?

I just downloaded the Fruity Loops Studio Free Demo yeasterday, and it’s a really cool program. Does anyone here use it? If you use FL Studio, just post stuff about what you know or even just talk about whatever you want to about FL Studio. Post some of you songs, sound effects, ect. Also, please post links to VST Plug-ins if you know any. So I guess this is the unofficial Fruity Loops Studio thread! Please post a lot of replies! I like replies!

Well, it’s a great piece of software, I play with it sometimes.
I don’t think there’s VST plugins for this.

VST compatibility is one of fruity loops best features, my favorite free VST is Superwave P8.

Ive played around with it a bit. Made an nice little song a few months ago, id post if but its currently on my dead laptop. So i doubt anyone will ever hear it…

Im currently looking to find a decent opensource ‘music creator’.

Try Jeskola Buzz. It’s free and quite good, although I’m not an expert on this kind of thing.

If you want something similar to FL studio I would suggest you look at LMMS

Otherwise I would say that Psycle is pretty amazing

Thanks guys!

elclanrs: Well, apparently there are a lot of VST plug-ins.

AD-Edge: You could take the hard drive out, then you could get all your files back!

4Daniel: Thanks for Jeskola Buzz, but I was never very good with nodes!

shadowbane: Thanks for Physcle!

Postmodern_Boy: Thanks for Suerwave P8! But, how do I use VST plug-ins? How do I get it into FL Studio?

You must go like this OPTIONS ->GENERAL SETTINGS ->FILE

Set the Vst path.

Then you go Channels Add one -> More and push refresh.

Thanks Numarul7!

Psycle I think is sort of a hacked-about thing someone was doing as a Buzz replacement after Buzz got killed (the developer’s HD failed or something and he lost 6 months of work… sounds oddly familiar…). What’s neat to know, tho, is that the developer has just recently - after 7 or 8 years of not working on it - has decided to resurrect BUZZ and is curently re-building quite a bit of it. :smiley:

It makes me happy. I missed Buzz for a long time. Just got sick of the instability of the ‘not quite stable builds’ that was the last ones he released.

Yeh ive recently downloaded it, currently searching around for tutorials (and spare time:spin:)

Sounds interesing, ill check em out also.

Sure could! But everything important ive backed up, its just random junk that ive lost. Ill probubly do that sometime anyways.

Are you serious??? Best news ive heard in a while, my main issue with Buzz is that its currently dead, id like to be working with something stable and not half a decade old. Do you have a link or anything to where you found that info? Id like to check it out.
Good stuff. :cool:

Edit Never mind, its been announced on the main site.

a while ago I was looking for a soundfont player, VSTI, and eventually happened to find shortcircuit, SC2, which is a full sampler, and I thought it would be messed up because it was free and no longer updated, but it basically worked better than anything, you’ll have to search for the url.

Now where is animatinator? He loves this program. I use it for simple little songs, nothing fancy, but the stuff animatinator makes with it are simply amazing :smiley:

Now where is animatinator? He loves this program. I use it for simple little songs, nothing fancy, but the stuff animatinator makes with it are simply amazing :smiley:
Animatinator is here :smiley:
And yes, FL is the absolute pinnacle of awesomeness. I use it for all the music I make now; you can hear some of my tunes (in not-great-but-you-can-still-hear-it-fine quality) at :slight_smile:
Psycle is also very good, although it’s a bit trickier to do advanced things like automating effect parameters or fading in/out, and you’ll need to download some VSTs as the instruments that come with it are a bit limited (for example, there aren’t any proper-sounding drums as far as I know). FL Studio XXL, although expensive, comes with basically everything you’re ever likely to use :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the free demo version. I’m working on a hardstyle techno song right now. But I need to find something other than just the beat and a synth with a boom in the intro. Does anyone here like bassy music? Or subwoofers?

Wow, it’s been a long time scince someone posted on this thread. How could I make a hardstyle synth with the Sytrus demo? Could someone give me a tutorial on how to do that? Nice music BTW, animatinator!

In case anyone was wondering, LMMS .4rc1 is out for Windows and Linux, Lots of improvements over the prior version.

ooo, I always use styrus, right click on the two opposing arrows on the top bar of the styrus window to see all the presets

try the eurogates, or hydronium

Thanks mack! How do I keep it at one note though?


Check KVR; lotsa VST plugins. Enough to keep you busy for awhile. Also
SHAREWARE MUSIC MACHINE. As ‘All knowledge is useful,’ so are all vst plugins:
somewhere, sometime…