Does anyone want to make a fantasy/sci-fi RTS or RPG?

Does anyone want to, by any chance, make a Lotr~Warcraft-ish RPG or RTS/Action game, or a Star Wars RTS or Starwars-ish RPG/Action game, RTS with multiplayer and RPG/Action with co-op play?

I’m extremely busy, but I’d spare free time to work on the game. :smiley: I can’t program though… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would REALLY like to do a RPG game combining the best parts from war III and Paper mario. That’d be great! Unfortunately I can’t program either but I’m good at toon-shaded and low-poly graphics!

In my opinion, the battle system should be really simple: Just some basic moves like slash, impale and stuff like that (for swords and blades), and maybe HP MP and PP (Power Points, endurance). Then also a little arena where you can move the units around in battle.

I’ve been thinking about it for about 3 weeks (I mean the system), but I quit because it’d be too hard without python. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP US (or him if he doesn’t want me in it), PLEASE DO!

I don’t know about multiplayer… I’d like to make a single-player game.

It could be a single player game, also for co-op play online :). Yeah, I wouldn’t really know how the online part would go, though…unless it’s like World of Warcraft (if u’ve ever played it…or will play it when the open beta comes out :slight_smile: ), because that was really cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

well i’m really interested in an futuristic RTS…but don’t go for starwars, make something more creative instead (i have plenty of designs in mind).
I mean a great oldschool RTS (in the vein of dune2, starcraft and c&c) but in 3d. I’ve already designed an unit for this purpose, maybe a bit high on poly thought…and i must finish the texture

i don’t know python either and for the RPG, well…i don’t like warcraft anymore and by the way an RTS would be easier/less work i think.
for now, forgot multiplayer and stick with single.

but what i would definatly interested to do would be a clone of HOMM4

Yeah, RTS would be great too! something really tactical, like huge assaults into enemy bases, battles against hordes of aliens, and all kinda stuff like that!

I’m with scherten, it should be something original, not made on some world that already has tons of games!

I have cool ideas for RTS too: A squad-based game! Maybe about 4 to 20 soldiers (depending on the mission at hand) in infiltration and recon missions, and maybe about a 100 soldiers/tanks/walking tanks/aircrafts in huge assaults to enemy bases and retaking cities from enemy forces!

You could arm the soldiers yourself and set them tactics on how to operate when in a mission (cautios, defensive, offensive, aggressive, BERSERK!). You would need to have one soldier as a pilot in each vehicle to keep it operational, and maybe a gunner too. You could also take shelter in buildings and in bushes.

The soldiers’ abilities would improve after each mission, and you could possibly train them in bases too! All things like accuracy and strength, kinda like UFO.

Imagine this: A huge desert base… Then, from behind the dunes runs an army of 50 men (and women) with tanks and bombers, lasers flying from all directions! And, from the base comes an army of 60 men with tanks and mortars. A huge battle that doesn’t take long, because almost all soldiers die from the first 2-4 hits. So all the fighting should be done carefully rather than just running towards the enemy and shooting guns at all directions!

The reason I want to do a squad-based game is that it’s a bit unrealistic that tons of soldiers run out from the same barracks and they are trained in a few seconds! No cloning vat/mind-link-training method is THAT fast!
of course, you could get reinforcements every now and then… :slight_smile:

Well, what do you think?

I forgot: there could be tons of different equipment too: Motion trackers, spider bombs (controllable) and so on!

Many types of armor like light, medium, heavy, recon, phantom (stealth), and skysuit (flying jet-pack armor)!

Also weapons like normal bullet-weapons, lasers, plasma, mind control gloves and stuff like that! of course the soldiers would have to have character classes. Also, different nozzles for energy weapons so they fire differently and different bullets for normal (OLD) weapons. Also the armors would each have a weakness against some type of damage.

really!!! :smiley: wow - ur like the first person i know who knows that game :stuck_out_tongue:

I always dreamed about doing either a new HoMM game/clone, or a HoMM RTS ^^

Well, what do you think?

yup, there should be campaigns as well as multiplayer skirmishes :D. Getting someone to do the programming for that though… :frowning:

maybe Saluk could help us after their project is finished. (I’m probably going to help them in their noble quest someday soon. :smiley: )

What the hell is HoMM? Home of the Manic Martians?

Heroes of Might and Magic :stuck_out_tongue: – that’s the best site, after 3DO disappeared and Ubisoft bought the license…

Yay skyshark!

Yeah rts games are pretty hard because you have to really work on ai. I don’t think our project will be done very soon unfortunately :frowning: Good luck guys, sounds like you have some good ideas. Now you should start working on implementation before you run out of steam.

:-? Sigh, I guess no one really read my post in reply here.

Hmm, only one that’s really attempting it is Imotep. Don’t see him around #gameblender anymore though. His RTS project is pandora’s box.

Hey he always needs more people to join up. If you’re interested in making a rts, just join up with him. Hmm, one of those guys are also helping him code some RTS functions (just don’t remember who).

I remember he had a site up describing the game and such, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Although he has a low posting count on elysiun. He was usually always on at #gameblender. Oh wells, I guess you guys are going to make a completely different themed RTS.

%| Good luck on reinventing the wheel all over again.

Jason Lin

yeah, the heroes serie rocks…
i’m ok with squad based if it’s done the ufo’s way (turn/turn)…but obviously it would require a lot of coding, so we need coders :-?
the graphic part is not a problem, all it could cost is time, but without solid scripting that will go nowhere

HoMM! Should have known that! Yeah, it’s pretty good. Too bad the only one I’ve had is HoMM 2…

I didn’t understand? HOW DO YOU DO ANYTHING WITH Crystal Space? Does it have a user-interface for non-programmers? Does it have an UI at all?

Anyway, it’s pretty good.

Oh, about the Male actor: Add lighting, otherwise it’s hard to see what shape he is, because the suit is so, well… single-color.


Here are some rules you should know before starting ANY game. I know these from experience(I’ve made over 35 games), and from knowledge( lots and lots of game design books) I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but you NEED to know these things, or else your game will, crash, burn, and fade away into the forgotten land of abandoned games.


  1. NEVER start out too ambitious, unless you have the skills, knowledge, and experience(having completed GOOD games before), or else they will always, always, always “retire” before completion.

  2. PLAN OUT THE ENTIRE GAME BEFORE YOU EVEN START TO WORK ON IT!!! I cannot tell you how important this step is. You must always plan out your game, through every possible detail, or else:
    a) you will get tired of your game
    b) you will get stuck and not know in which direction to go
    or c) you will not have a full, complete, rich game.
    Planning everything out will help you build a great game, and keep you ambitious and motivated throughout the entire project.

3)Make sure you are absolutely commited before you start, or else you WILL lose motivation in the blink of an eye, I’ve seen this happen far too many times, and I can guarantee you, it CAN, and WILL happen to you.

  1. Make sure you have the skills to make this game, one of the most pertinent rules of game design is that:

“Your first 10(completed) games WILL suck, get them over with.”

If you don’t have the necessary experience, you will have a half-baked game which is full of problems.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy making your game, but trust me with these rules, in every single experience I’ve had with myself or any other group, failure ALWAYS occurs unless you are following these rules.

Also, make sure it is FUN, fun over realism, fun over features, fun FIRST!
You might also want to read the 14 rules of game design.

Anyway, have fun, and I hope it turns out well…

i wanna help…i can do buildings and weapons and stuff like that…here’s something i whipped up just as an example

little crits on what you whipped up…
1st - the rope should be tight(straight)
2nd - why is one of the wood-thingies black?
3rd - If it’s supposed to be a tent, then it should have such big wooden “legs” to hold it up… it makes it very un-realistic

Here’s a good example that you should see.

ok…thats not what it was supposed to be but…you’re right man, im sorry :frowning: