Does anyone want to make an MMORPG?

Does anyone want to make an MMORPG? Just wondering, because then we could put together a team… :slight_smile:

[not that it’s going to be easy…]

Well actually Nor.J and I are finding a way to produce a miltiplayer game without lag. But so far we had succes in multiplayer, but now without lag. So if we find out how to fix that big problem, we should release 1 game with it, and if Nor.J agree, also make a startes kit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously doubt it would even be possible.

Firstly the game engine has no built in networking protocols. Some people have managed to create networking capability, but it’s no where near the standard you’d need for thousands of clients to communicate in realtime.

Secondly, MMORPGs require powerful server clusters and reliable, high-speed connections. These are far from cheap, and I doubt most people could afford to set them up.

Of course if you just wanted to make an ORPG, perhaps with up to 4 people playing, it might be possible. You should state your ideas and perhaps show samples of your work to spark some interest. Get to know the community and I’m sure you’ll find some interested people. However, people are reluctant to work on anything if they don’t see a good chance of it working out.

Hmm…could dedicated hosting/hosting work?

You could try searching around to find out, but I doubt it.

Entire companies are quiting the MMORPG market because of the shear costs of running them. It’s the most demanding genre of game creation. You’d be better off attempting a small scale online game if anything. One that a modern PC could host over broadband.

Just for reference, here’s an example MMORPG server spec:

The RackSaver BladeRack selected by Mutable Realms contains 176 Intel Xeon processors in one industry standard-sized rack with a combined processing power of nearly one teraflop. The BladeRack also contains nearly 176GB of high-speed memory and 5.2TB of storage capacity.

:o ok…scratch the MMO :P, how easy is it to do an RTS game in Blender?

MMORPG? dudes… first someone should make a decent RPG and then we will see if it should go online…

Not with Blender… not an MMORPG.

ok…scratch the MMO , how easy is it to do an RTS game in Blender?

Hmm, only one that’s really attempting it is Imotep. Don’t see him around #gameblender anymore though. His RTS project is pandora’s box.

Hey he always needs more people to join up. If you’re interested in making a rts, just join up with him. Hmm, one of those guys are also helping him code some RTS functions (just don’t remember who).

I remember he had a site up describing the game and such, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Jason Lin