Does anyone want to model me a perfect soccerball?

(ineedanewbi) #1

hi, i need a good soccer ball

it doesnt need more than 200 vertices, it is only for a game

i just cant put the dots in the right places to make all the hexagons and pentagons fit together quite right

so if someone has some spare time can the please make me a soccerball?


(Haunted-House) #2

Okay ineedanewbi, since I’m bored I went and did it! It’s not “perfect” but oh well… 8)

(blenderage) #3

id like to make a soccer game but i cant do it because i dont know how to do a dynamic parenting function and i dont know python… im prety sure they use something like that in soccer games. Make the ball stick to he guy when he passes the ball it unparents… anyway this may be a function in future blender versions

(ineedanewbi) #4

the url didnt work… can u send it on at attachment to
[email protected]
thanks alot…

yea… about the dynamic parenting… u can use a lot of tricks

heres my plan have a soccerball (non-dynamic) parented to every player
and have 1 real dynamic soccerball
when the real ball touches a player, it dissapears and the nondynamic ball appears parented to the armature i hope
and when the player kicks the ball away, the nondynmic ball disapears and the real ball is added in the game again

(saluk) #5

That sounds like it would work. If I were trying this, I would probably go all super complicated and try to animate the feet so that they kick it right:)

That way its easier to program someone else stealing the ball, cause all they have to do is go in and kick it away. But it probably would be way too hard to get right. My dinosaur game had a ball you could kick, but controlling where you kicked it was way too hard:)

good luck