Does anyones 9800 Pro work correctly

I’m looking at buying a 9800 Pro by ATI, but we all know that ATI has the driver conflicts with Blender. SO, if anyone can tell me, clear cut that they have a 9800 Pro, it works without problems in Blender, and tell me how they got it to work, I’ll go with ATI. Otherwise I’m going with the new Gforce 6800. Thanks for the help. The balance of the war of Nvidia and ATI rests in YOUR hands. :smiley:

thats a $300 question! get the 6800 for fun anyway.
the 9800 is a great deal for a great card, though.
What am i saying? they are both awesome cards!

the next release will probably not have the problems this one has where blender becomes slower and slower with use [after like 15 minutes of working in edit mode you get a couple second delay after rotating the veiw before blender responds again. this delay increases the longer blender is used]

so, to repeat myself, that problem isn’t apparent on blender 2.23 and earlier, or blender built from cvs.

the geforce fx 6800 is very power hungry [who here has a 480 watt power supply with two power cables to spare?], and also is more likely to have that two slot cooling thing [which may be quieter than a single slot cooler because it could spin slower… but I’m not sure]