Does anything convert .blends to .x's?

I may be working with an easy to use game engine that uses .x format. Is there any kind of converter that will transform .blend into .x or .3ds?

Thank you.

I believe there is a convertor on the blender main site to do this. Are you using blitz3d?

Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m not sure what I’m looking for, however. What’s the name of the converter and where is it on Blender’s main site?

Actually I don’t believe I’ve heard of Blitz3d. What is it?

check the elysiun python script list, it’s in there, although Ithink the script comes bundled with the blender release.

So the converter is a python script?

That’s interesting, but I’ve never used the scripting side of blender. How do you use this converter-script?

Convert them using Blender.

(1) Load the blend you wish to convert to x into Blender.
(2) File --> Export --> Direct (.x)
(3) Viola!

Hope this helps.

wait till thursday for 2.40 we have a bundled 3ds and .x exporter


2.40 !!! :o :slight_smile:


When did this happen?

Also, thankyou, Duoas. That really was easy. :stuck_out_tongue: .