Does baking actions make less effective meshes when exported

Hi all!

I’ve read somewhere in this forum that when exporting an animated mesh to a .x file (directx) and then loaded in a 3D engine, having baked actions make them less efficient, oversize them unnecesarily, lower their advantages or something like this, so it’s better if we put less keys in the animations.

Is it true?

Thanks in advance.

ACTIONS are animations

exporting baked actions will not change the mesh at all

[however, baked actions have keyframes every frame so depending on the format they can take more space or be less efficent]

Thanx for answering, but, man, that’s not what I was asking about. I know that actions are animations and baked actions don’t change meshes…

BTW, I’ve made a test. I modelled a very basic mesh with a simple animation with 3 pose keys. I’ve exported them to a .x file. Then, I baked the action (which creates a key for every frame) and exported it again to another .x file.

Results: Both .x files were exactly the same. So, baking actions doesn’t make any difference in the animations on .x exported files.