Does Blender 2.57 have a 'Bridge Faces' command?

The book I’m reading says to bridge two faces together with the Bridge Faces command. The author says you can do this with the hot key ‘Ctrl-Alt-F’ or by going to the Mesh->Faces menu. The problem is there doesn’t seem to be any such command. Does anyone know if it exists, and if not can anyone tell me how to bridge two faces together? Thanks.

Activate the LoopTools addon

Thanks! It worked perfectly.

do you have to download python extra for installing that tool? it didn’t work with mine

No you don’t

How do I have to install it? I did it in the area ‘user preferences’ and then the button install addon but it didnt work

After activating the looptools addon in 2.57b User Preferences -> Addon, you should have this available in the Edit Mode :

Or you could just select the opposing vertices and hit ‘F’.