Does blender 2.8 will have smart material like 3d coat and substance painter ?

(Richard Culver) #41

I think there is a disconnect here between vision and reality. There is no point in following a vision that does not lead to a reality.

Additionally all visions need support to become a reality. Gaining support and effectively bringing about a vision comes from first a realistic assessment of current reality which includes interests but also realistic audit if resources.

Everything else is just pointless talk.

What might have been relevant to Blender 10 years ago as a realistic vision is not relevant today.

A very cursory look around the 3D world that Blender lives in will paint a clear picture.

Further investigation would enligbten why.

But the bottom line is to get development money it takes support.

That requires understanding the current needs of most users. That has changed drastically in the last 10 years.

And yes. This does matter. Blender does not live in a financial bubble.

(ambi) #42

This is very true. But I also think implementing near real-time texture map nodes like Substance Designer would make a lot of these possible. Which wouldn’t be a (really) huge amount of hard work.

(Richard Culver) #43

From my experience these systems are very complex. And I am just taking a wild - but educated - guess that they are far more complex and expensive to make than people in this thread have hinted at.

With Blender’s current funding set up, I think it would make more sense as a 3P addon.

I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

(Grimm) #45

I would say you are spot on with your experience on just how complex these systems can be. Just looking at programming languages, they all only have 20 to 40 core commands. Which are very general in what they do so they can be combined into much more complex systems and have a known effect. It doesn’t take many more additional commands to make the system too complex to maintain and troubleshoot.


Really if we just get better edge detection and maybe an asset library we’d already be 90% of the way there.

(Romanji) #47

Nope i don’t think so, and i think that has been discussed in this thread already. Your definition of what is appropriate to call “there” is fundamentally different than what other people have in mind.

A proper edge detection, curvature/cavity/position and thickness node would be a nice start, …

But i think the whole painting system needs an overhaul, and instead of going the same direction as Substance and 3DCoat i would rather prefer when Blender also takes some notes from Mari instead.

(Richard Culver) #48

Precisely. However., the biggest and probably most important note to take is performance with large assets and multiple UDIMs.

I would say full support for UDIM and a performance boost would be the starting point. And that would require a massive refactoring of Blender.

Think Blender 3.0 which if you are doing the math should arrive around 2026.

And I wonder if some of the people responding to this thread are grasping that it is Substance Painter. The operative word being substance.

And when you grasp what that is, a product of Substance Designer, it is another level to the complexity.

(Unreal3DFX) #49

For start 2.8 should have just easy texture or better say, material painting feature from external images(Base color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, etc…) per material. For example you generate textures from Substance player or download from freepbr, cc0textures and create material then paint to model and export painted material for model you painted.

I have faith in new development fund that they think something eventually and upgrade current painting system.