Does Blender 2.92 (cyclesX, Eevee, sims) leverage multiple GPU's in a single machine/node?

I am on the cusp of buying new workstations and render nodes(computers), can anyone tell me how Cycles(X) and EEVEE will/will not leverage multiple GPU’s in a machine/node going forward/on roadmap? [not looking for hardware recommendations, I want to know how Blender uses its hardware]

I am coming from a Softimage/REDSHIFT 3D background with renderfarm managment so would like to eploit the best hardware setups going forward incorporating blender - for example soft worked very well with machines with two GPUS and Redshift - more than 2 GPU’s you ended up with a fall-off in perfromance that could be negated by using another node/machine.

I am aware that:

Eevee is GPU based but no idea if it can use multiple GPUS and how well

Cycles(x) can use both CPU and GPU (singular) - not aware if ican use multiple GPU’s

I am aware you can spawn multiple instances of Blender and tell it to use a different GPU but this a tad cumbersome unless anyone knows a reasonably stable way of automating/farming (software) that can deal with/control this easier?

Thanks, D.

Cycles can easily use multiple GPUs (not sure about CyclesX but I would be surprised if it doesn’t), I’ve just checked the official 2.93 version. Just keep in mind that the GPUs’ memory is not going to be “summed up”, If you have one card with eg. 8gb and the second one with only 4gb, the card with less memory will likely be a bottleneck.

Hi @Lucas-pl - Thanks for your feedback!