Does Blender Export OpenGL Element Buffer Objects?

Hi Folks:

I’ve been learning OpenGL with this great tutorial.

Objects in OpenGL are commonly thought of as triangles, represented by arrays of vertices passed to the GPU.

A rectangle, for example, can be represented by two triangles, or six  vertices.  In such a rectangle two of the vertices have the same  location in space.  

Element Buffer Objects, EBOs, can represent this rectangle with four vertices, eliminating vertices with common coordinates.

The advantages of such a feature become obvious as a model becomes more complex, as do the questions I have about face culling, normal vectors and other issues that seem like problems when this feature is used.

I haven’t seen any option for using EBOs when exporting models using .OBJ format, perhaps it has a different name.

Does blender offer a way to export models formatted like this?


Not entirely sure, but it sounds like you’re looking for this format?

Other than that, there’s a whole bunch of import/export add-ons:

Thanks pauljs75:

That first link isn’t it and I don’t think anything in the add on list sounds right either.

I’ll check the OpenGL forum. Maybe this is something that happens after the model is generated.

I appreciate your suggestion.