Does Blender export procedural materials?

Hi guys,

Here’s the thing:

I’ve got leather boot that has a bump map texture applied to it. This texture is a Voronoi procedural texture.
The problem is that when I export the obj. with the .mtl info, and then import it into Poser, the bump texture doesn’t show up.

So, whether it was lost in the export or the import, my procedural texture doesn’t make it into Poser.
I tried exporting the boot as a .3ds file as well but this didn’t work either.

Does Blender even export procedural textures?

Does Poser import procedural textures? I am not a Poser expert, but I was under the impression that it worked with UV maps for everything. At any rate, you can bake Blender procedural textures into UV maps that I’m pretty sure will work in Poser.

Thanks Orinoco for the quick reply. :cool:

Poser is fine with Unwrapped materials, But yeah it doesn’t like the procedurals.

So, within Blender, can you tell how to bake the procedural textures into a UV map? Or point me towards a tutorial?

Cheers mate!

Sure. It’s one of the render baking options. You’ll have to UV unwrap it first, but unless you’re planning on painting on the UV map after it’s unwrapped, any old unwrap will do. No need to pretty it up.