Does Blender have a C4D like Take System / Maya like Render Setup?

Please note: I don’t mean AOVs or render layers.

I am trying to do a project in Blender because it’s for a libre open-source hardware project, where it’s necessary to have the CG files also done in free software because we want to bundle them with the rest.

I’d like to set up the project like I would do it with Cinema 4D’s take system or Maya’s render setup. (Searching for it didn’t show any results (apart from AOV stuff), that’s why I’m asking here.)

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because not everyone using blender also knows about all the features of other software ( or blender itself )… it would be helpfull to maybe give any links to docu or mini-tutorials about this ?? So an experience blender user maybe can tell you: there is some slighty different in blender …or just: no.

Except you expect only ansers from C4D or Maya users also using blender and being here :wink:that are a lot of conditions to be meet…

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Kind of. You can use Scenes and View layers in combination with the Compositor to go into that direction.
That is going to be much easier with The Other Realms Shot Manager
I was a C4D user for over 15 years myself and I can tell you: Get rid of C4D habits. :slight_smile: