Does Blender have a C4D like Take System / Maya like Render Setup?

Please note: I don’t mean AOVs or render layers.

I am trying to do a project in Blender because it’s for a libre open-source hardware project, where it’s necessary to have the CG files also done in free software because we want to bundle them with the rest.

I’d like to set up the project like I would do it with Cinema 4D’s take system or Maya’s render setup. (Searching for it didn’t show any results (apart from AOV stuff), that’s why I’m asking here.)

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because not everyone using blender also knows about all the features of other software ( or blender itself )… it would be helpfull to maybe give any links to docu or mini-tutorials about this ?? So an experience blender user maybe can tell you: there is some slighty different in blender …or just: no.

Except you expect only ansers from C4D or Maya users also using blender and being here :wink:that are a lot of conditions to be meet…

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Kind of. You can use Scenes and View layers in combination with the Compositor to go into that direction.
That is going to be much easier with The Other Realms Shot Manager
I was a C4D user for over 15 years myself and I can tell you: Get rid of C4D habits. :slight_smile:


It’s not about getting rid of “C4D habits”. I’m not even sure why that is worded that way. It’s about trying to translate useful functionality from one software to another. All modern DCCs have a render system. C4D has a Takes system. Houdini has a takes system. Maya has a Render Setup. They’re all useful for isolating elements, isolating elements within particular AOVs, assigning specific shaders during render time, light linking/grouping, AOV assignment, and much more functionality.

I googled and screenshot tutorials for you so you can see what we are talking about.

Shot Manager ($40) appears to fix this quality of life issue.

Sadly not. This is one of the things that really prevents my use of Blender.

The Takes system referred to enables full object transform variations, not just ‘shot / render’ variations. Eg: Let’s say you were setting up some car shots. In the C4D Takes system you could have as many variations of objects and object transforms, as well as material, camera, lighting set ups as you want - all stored in the same file.
Take 1: Drivers door open, wheels straight, lighting set up one, camera set up one.
Take 2: Drivers door closed, front wheels turned to the left, lighting set up two, camera set up two.
etc. etc.

As far as I understand Shot manager doesn’t allow for this level of ‘any parameter’ variation, eg: object transforms.

If this can be done, I’d love to know about it!

Ahh… i maybe got it now… (somehow totally overseeing @pixelmonk’s post :sweat_smile: and) after (finaly) seeing this about the C4D's take system…

…and as it was said there … scratching just the surface… well… not natively in one tool i think… but:
Maybe you mean something more like this ??:

That looks very interesting - thanks for the heads up!

It’s also every time very interesting to learn how other apps do things or have some ideas how to do things… Sometimes someone can even understand the favorite tool of choice better because of this… :smile_cat:

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