Does blender have a cluster like feature?

Hi all,

As the topic says I’m after clusters. By cluster I mean cluster in the maya sense, adding a transform to components.

I was really hoping for a way to simply say, parent some verticies to an empty, but of course, no such luck!

Is there any way to do this in blender?
What are my alternatives?

I was thinking about maybe experimenting with a single armature for this kind of effect, but I’d really like it on the component (edit mode) level.

Maybe I’m just not in the “blender mindset” yet…


make your object the child of a mesh

select the mesh, go into the object buttons, press duplivert

your original will not render, but the others will

also, try pressing the rot button next to the duplivert button

err, i think he wanted something different.

blender doesn’t have clusters in the manner that they are used in maya or XSI. however, it is possible to control groups of vertices with armatures/bones. you can make vertex groups and weight them for soft falloff. for details, read the documentation on, or come back if you get stuck somewhere :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, I thought that that may have been the case, so now I’ve got something to learn over the weekend! :wink:

Happy blendering