Does Blender have a drag and drop library for already-made models/objects

Similar to google sketchup’s component windows, but for blender.
Like for example I made a screw that i want to re-use in another scene is there a window /menu / option for that other than importing it.

Not at present, I tend to use the Asset Manager addon and build my own libraries up. There is Kit Ops as well, but they tend to be expected to have itmes which “cut into” and object rather than a simple object asset. Asset Manager allows you to build your own libraries of objects.


Hi ColKai/ Kai . This is the first time hearing of either of these, i think the asset manager sounds like it would be a better fit. I’ll search for it, I’ve also heard about decal machine so i might try and see what that’s about.

Thanks for the response

Asset Management:

If you can’t afford this, you can always build content folders with your items in, so at least when you append, you can look at the thumbnials of each file.

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You can also activate the BlenderKit add-on that comes with Blender. It includes a visual drag and drop interface, they offer a lot of assets for free, and a subscription is very affordable.

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That’s an interesting idea i hadn’t thought of that Colkai, i’ll give that a shot first, but i should be able to get the asset management, it’s exactly what i’m looking for.
Metin, i will check that out as well, is it similar to photoshop, i.e student version. Weird to think with all that blender does it doesn’t already have a feature like this already but that’s ok

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BlenderKit is a sympathetic platform by Blenderheads for Blenderheads. The largest part of the assets is free, and the interface is pleasantly straightforward: drag and drop from a thumbnails bar at the top of the UI.