Does Blender Have a File Size Limit

Every time I go to animate a thing, the only time Blender will import something, is if its 5 MB or less. Any bigger, blender will just refuse to work. At the time of this posting, I was importing a file that was 11 MB, and it just crashed. I left it alone for about 10 minutes, and still nothing. Running Blender 2.77 on an AMD 2.85 GHz CPU with 6 GB of RAM. Is it crashing because of file size limits, or does it just hate file double digit file sizes?

Those file sizes are pretty small. Blend files can be hundreds of MB or more

Supply a link to an example blend file that does not work.
Instead of opening a blend file create a new file and append (shift+F1) the files from the blend that does not work.