Does Blender have a tool like zSpheres?

I find repeatedly creating tons of objects and using the boolean modifier on them or using the inflate or drag tool and retopologizing repeatedly can be tedious for when I want to make the base of what I’m sculpting on.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to just draw the basic form and not have to create dozens of objects or modifiers. zSpheres is the first example that comes to mind but if there’s another tool where I can quickly sketch a 3D form, I’d gladly take it.

I know that the 2.8s have had A LOT of stuff added, so I’m wondering if there is a tool hidden away that I just don’t know about or, if not, whether there is a plugin for this kind of thing


Cool. I never think about stuff like this – I need to play around more instead of doing stupid job stuff all the time.

I was hoping more for for something free and open-sourced. This is being sold, admittedly for an affordable price. Is there anything else?

Tou can use the modifier called skin that works with extruded vertices in edit mode . It works with stranges key shortcuts. You can find info here.

Try using metaballs. Metaballs, metacubes, meta tubes. then convert to mesh. Its not as elegant and easy as z spheres but it could be what you want. Also the skin modifier like skuax mentions.