Does Blender have built-in depth of field?

Hi. I’m studying the “rendering” chapter in the Blender user’s manual (the old 2.3 one), and I arrived on the section about depth of field. According to what the material says, Blender doesn’t have specific depth of field features, but it could be achieved with some motion blur tricks. I wanted to know if this particular section was outdated (like the part about using envmapping to achieve reflections rather than the raytracing features we can all enjoy now). I’m going to learn the old method too, but if there’s some new depth of field feature I’d really like to know about it. Thanks,


DOF is in the next version of blender that is comming out soon ,You can get a cvs version of blender if you want to try it now, see this thread link>

I read on one of the pages in these forums where the coder of that node admits that it is still a work in progress. Many who have used it also express dismay that it is not the easiest node to use. I have found it to be the easiest way to crash Blender on a Windoze machine. Still, it is very intresting and fun to use. Just don’t pull your hair out if you aren;t able to achieve the results that you would like. You can use it to litterally “Shatter” your objects on a pixel by pixel basis…Very COOOOOL!

Ah! Thanks. I’ll be there for the next release of Blender so I can play around with the upcoming feature. For now though I guess it’ll be camera tracking and motion blur for me. ~.-

You could get a CVS build. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Rambo, I’ve used it on windoze by micro$hitty$0ft (lol extra dollar signs!~1 I am a genius!!) and I haven’t crashed once. I dunno if it works great on ‘lunix’, but I have no complaints.

I was gonna post a screenie, but it crashed twice so I gave up. I did however have it about 8 levels deep in the effects chain and was really cranking up the values to show the explosive pixelation effect that I mentioned. Oh well. BTW, that was quite genius on your part.

Go to www.graphicall .org for the very latest CVS builds.

I have somewhat of an aversion to getting “bleeding edge” new software… CVS builds namely. Plus I just recently mastered the tutorial in the book. I think I can wait for the final version to come out. XD

Although I admit it would be cool to see test screens from the CVS build. Was someone going to post them?

Check out all the hawtness.

Hawtness. (I.e. development changes since blender 2.42 was released.)

just for kicks and gigles, how about dof in 3d? :stuck_out_tongue:

The .blend is one I have been using to test different zbuf related features… It ranges from 10 to about 45 BU from the camera and the focal length is set at 20. the background pic is a mars shot from that I just threw in there to make it interesting…

As you can see from the screenshot, I have the fstop set at 1.92 to get a pretty extream blur. by the time fstop gets to about 10, the blur is negligible. The last 2 pics are x-eyed stereo both with and without dof :cool:


Hey paprmh, thanx for the tutorial on using the map value node. It really kicks ass and has helped me out more than I would have ever imagined.

RamboBaby: your welcome…it’s nice to know that it turned out to be useful. I just kinda figured that nobody even noticed it since there wasn’t much of a response to the thread.

heh…hadn’t checked out the # of reads for the thread for a while - lotsa reads now anyway (1400)… the last time I checked, there was only a couple of hundred

That node really pissed me off untill I found your tutorial. Now I get accurate results instead of half-baked crap. Thanx again.