Does blender have CAT rigging?!

In this video, the guy shows how easy this “CAT rigging” really is. I was wondering, is this specific to only the software he is using or does blender have these type of armature rigging aswell?

No Blender doesnt have CAT rigging, nor does any other program other then 3dsmax.

If you are wanting a similar tool which is in blender, look into rigify.

There is Rigify in Blender. Not quite as simple to set up, but you can achieve the same results. When learning Rigify I have found the most confusing part is the bone layers and what is on what layer. Play around with that for a while and once you understand the bone layers it comes together pretty easily. On a side note, I almost never use use the rigify rig the way it is created. There are usually a lot of small modifications I make like removing a finder and adding a facial rig or eye rigs.