Does Blender have precise selection?


How to setup precise object selection in Blender? It means when I hover a mouse cursor over an object (or object’s origin point) and click on it - Blender selects it.
As for now if I have two or more objects under a mouse cursor Blender selects a random object from the cursor’s area.

How to setup precise selection? Like in any other 3d modeling software.

Blender doesn’t select random objects, just the one in the front from viewport perspective.
Just click one more time in the same spot and it will select object behind it.

The only tricky thing is when you try to select multiple objects with shift click and you add to selection the wrong object. In those cases when I reallly need precise selection i go to outliner panel, right-click on the desired object and then chose select option from the popup menu

Go into your system settings and enable OpenGL Depth Picking. That might help.

Is there a way to prevent this? Or make more like precise selection, the thing is that I drew some grease pencil sketches and it’s super hard to pick the one I need.

I don’t have this property in Blender’s system settings.

It seems like it’s current limitation of grease pencil that it’s selection is based on the bouding box instead of it’s silhouette. that’s why it may seem like it selecting random grease pencil object while really it is selecting the one which’s bounding box is in the front.

it sounds like a missing feature to select by grease pencils silhouette. there is no problems like that with 3d mesh as it has faces to click at. Grease pencil object is quite new.

I don’t think there is a way to make it work as expected but there is a way to make it less confusing.
in object’s properties there is Viewport display tab and under it there is boundry option.
it should show objects bounding box around it so you can see what is going to be selected if you click in the air XD

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Try Alt + click, or Alt + Shift + click if you need to add to selection.

Thank you for your help, but those actions aren’t good for this kind of work because I don’t remember which name I used for each object in sketch stage. They’re more like GPencil001, GPencil002 etc.