Does Blender have...

Hey I have a question for ya’s…

MAYA has an option called “fillet” which enables to meshes to attache to one another kind-of like metaballs interact with one another but thy are not the same. It enables the user to model a finger…and then the palm of a hand…and then simply by placing one close to the other, it will complete the geometry neccessary to connect one to the other. I think this extra piece that connects the two is actually a mesh that can be edited as well. Now that I think about it…if I remember right, the objects might have to be NURBS but can be converted to meshes ofcourse. Anyways, the feature is pretty bad ass. Let me know if anyone knows anything about this. I am thinking of posting this over at


hey Landis…I know, maybe not the best idea, but this is what came out of my play :wink:


As is, creationtime: less than 5 minutes :smiley: [!] [!]


Using the new metaballs by Jiri, it’s really a breeze to do that. (much faster and much better than before, more shapes, …).


Hmmm…so you mean I cn now model in metaballs and then later convert them to a mesh for texturing, exporting to YAFRAY, etc.?


do: ALT+C to make it a mesh…

Cheers :wink: !!

i only see a tube and a sphere metaball where are the other shapes??