Does Blender Need A Mascot?

So, I’m wondering if Blender needs a mascot other than the monkey.

Do you think so? If so, suggestions are welcome, as the only few I can think of are:

Barney The Purple Dinosaur
Tyler Durden, &
A Walking Gun Magazine.

why two topics?

are just trying to get banned?

i swear, why can’t you think logically?

Qry? Wad yz rong wich mi lojik?

I thought Blendo was the blender mascot. How does it feel to be voted as the unofficial forum pariah?

Well we already have Suzanne and Blendo who are both well established (among us users anyway).

You silly kid, Blender already has TWO mascots: Suzanne and the Blender-logo-guy

yeah and there is nothing wrong with those so there is no reason to change them…