Does Blender really hate Windows XP?

I’m running Blender on Win XP, and its just seems to glitchy.
I can’t append or link stuff and a few Python scripts don’t work.
Does anyone have similar problems? Would running Blender on a Linux distro help?
If yes, could it work on an emulator? because I have limited space and I don’t want to have to partition my hard drive and go though the pain of getting it to duel boot again.

Well python scripts not working can be due to other things as well… what version of blender are you using? 2.45 didn’t have all the required libraries.

I’ve been using blender on xp for ages, and it doesn’t appear very buggy at all (or not more so than on other platforms).

For me (dualboot Ubuntu7.10 and XP PRO) blender opens slower and opening and saving files takes much longer on XP… haven’t compared render times as I usually only model and texture and export on xp, the bulk of my work is done in Ubuntu…

some Python scripts need to be oS aware (by using the “sys” property)… this is down to how the script is written though,…

You could always use a “Live disk” distro, but it might not have the latest blender…

I think there must be something wrong with your Blender, your system or OS, J.L Arts, since I have never experienced big problems on any win xp machine…

@Michael W: I wouldn’t be able to compare the time file saving needs as even huge files are saved very fast…

Same as coodle, never had problem on my xp pro system (although the mobo died last tuesday). I have even built many official releases on xp machines :slight_smile:


If some python scripts doesn´t work,install python if you didn´t installed~

Master Danix: that’s not the best advice… There is a blender version out there that is missing a python module, so chances are that he happens to have that, in which case all he needs is a different blender version. No need to install python unless people want to use some really fancy scripts. All the scripts that you get along with blender should always work! And if not… it’s a bug! :wink:

actually a full python install is needed for Collada and I think for a couple of other commonly used scripts.


LetterRip, and those are included in the official blender releases???

edit: Apparently they are, that’s ehm… new to me…

i ran python problem free on xp. vista has a worse rep than xp and blenderwise i’m problem free even with vista. make sure you are virus and adware free, your drivers are up to date, you have suficcent free memory (both ram and rom) for your needs and you should be fine.

@macouno: It is always a good advice to install a complete python2.5 (which isn’t a problem on windows). You have the benefit of having a great script language on the os which you can use for other tasks as well and all scripts work.

Blender works fine on XP, some of the commonly used scripts like Letterrip says do need python installed with a system varible that points to your python install then you are usually good to go, now Vista is another story my current favourite way of crushing blender is to press f to adjust my brush size while sculpting…

It’s mainly appending/linking meshes and what ever else from other .blend files that doesn’t work

I never had any problems on XP, and have had only one on Vista,

Is it Blender that hates Windows XP or is it Windows XP that hates Blender?

I use XP and Blender runs quite fine. Saving is pretty quick, so I don’t have those problems.

Do you have the latest updates and service packs?

yea. maybe I’m just doing something wrong, I got to append/link find a .blend file pick my mesh/object/armature ect and load it, but nothing appears