Does Blender support font ligatures?

I apologise if this is in the wrong section but I couldn’t figure exactly where to post this question.

Basically, I have a font with ligatures and they don’t seem to show up when I type them up with the text tool.

Also, what about special characters?

I hope Blender (2.83+) does support these features because, otherwise, it’s such a waste of a good font.

If anyone knows, please let me know. Also, if there a work around that does NOT involve importing a pre-made svg then that would also be awesome.


PS: Has anyone else noticed that if you replace the first vowel in ‘Blender’ that all the words make sense IE Blander, Blender, Blinder, Blonder, Blunder

PPS: Even though ‘y’ can sometimes be considered a vowel, I’m not counting it.

Not solving your question inside Blender tbh, but if you want to, Blender can import .svg files.
Should you have Inkscape or some software that can manage ligatures and that can export .svg, you should be fine.



Despite you seem to be missing this part of my message (see above), I actually appreciate that you did try. So, thank you.

I did find out that Blender does allow for special characters from a font but only a few are allowed as per a list which you need to access via the ‘Text’ menu in edit mode. However it’s something less then ten extra characters.