Does Blender support for Android?

Official site ( provides download links for Windows, Linux, Mac, but doesn’t do it for Android. Why? Does it not support for Android?

There was a project for Android support, but that was many years ago. No recent blender versions have been built for Android, and it is highly doubtful any will be in the future.

What’s your use case? Do you run Android on a laptop or desktop? Or are you trying to use it on a mobile device?

I use on mobile. And I also couldn’t any Blender editor similar to that supported for Linux/Windows in Google Play.

Well, it’s not surprising you won’t find Linux or Windows software on Google Play. Why would you?
Android devices run Android software. I can maybe see, that on might be intrigued by the idea of using Blender’s sculpting on a tablet (Everything else wouldn’t make much sense, imho). But then there would be a severe lack of computing power on those devices.
Sry, to say that. But I think you can safely put your search to a rest.

Edit: I think I got that first part wrong and you meant something like Blender in Linux/Win but for Android. Not the other way around.

I run blender on my $350 MacBook Air and it runs just fine with its onboard GPU and 1.4ghz i5 with 2GB ram. I bet most modern tablets would be alright, especially with cloud rendering. :wink:

Yes, you can get away with pretty low end hardware for running Blender. That’s impressive and cool in it’s own right. I’m still suspicious about where you start encounter problems with such a low spec. Or is it fun to work on high poly sculpts on that machine?
Anyway we don’t have a build for Android and I don’t see it coming any time soon. But you already said the same.

Edit: Sry, that wasn’t you.

Maybe I’m just getting old and don’t have the same perspective as all the kids growing up in the mobile computing age, but I find it curious how you seem to think it’s odd there isn’t a mobile version of what has traditionally always been a desktop type of program.

Nothing’s wrong or bad about it. I just find it interesting. Reminds me of trying to explain video cassettes to my niece. :slight_smile:

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The only problems I’ve had are with putting edge loops on subdivided models. For some reason it freaks the machine out to slide it and mutate the viewport in edit mode. Otherwise, I have almost no problems up to 1mil verts. Sculpt mode runs best of all, what lags is when using dyntopo and it actually “changes” the topo, so I started just putting multi-res up to the reso I wanted to begin with, then it doesn’t have to lag to change it.

Well, that’s pretty cool. My smallest machine is roughly double in specs what you have. But I don’t do a lot of blendering on it. Maybe it would indeed work to some extend on those little tablets. But building would scare the heck out of me.
Must be days to chew up all of it.