Does Blender work on Surface Pro 7?

Hello together,

I just read some threads which are some years old where some issues were reported using Blender on a Microsoft Surface, f. ex. laggy interface. Do these problems still consist ot did they get solved? I did not find any updated information.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Hi Dominik,

It depends on what kinds of things you are doing in Blender but remember that this uses low voltage CPU’s and no dedicated GPU. It’s apparently “peppy” but I think that’s more for office type of applications. Price jumps up quickly if you want additional muscle. On top of that there’s no Thunderbolt support (so no hooking up external GPUs). So my guess it’s not the best for Blender. Not sure about thermals either. I’d suggest more homework before doing a purchase. For general computing I think it would be ok and would make for a nice portable device. For Blender I’m just not sure. Others may have something else to add although others have reported it’s not going well, see the Blenderartists thread below.

Cheers and good luck!

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Hi. I can confirm that blender performs well on my SP7 i7 16gb.
Any lag issues were fixed around version 2.82 of blender.

I must add that I didn’t update blender since that release so 2.9 may not work well.
I should also say that you need the 16gb version really. A friend has an 8gb version and it’s not good for blender

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Thank you both for your answers!

Hi sorry I made a small mistake. It was actually 2.9 alpha that I have on my sp7. Which works great and without issue