Does Blender Work With 3D Mice???

I read about the 3dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro on 3D World. I read on the website that it worked with Blender, but it had some annotation about 2.49. Does it still work with Blender? Also, if it doesn’t, how hard wold it be to write an add-on to work with it?

Sorry for the massive delay. I usually try catch spacemice related posts, but somehow this one snuck past me.

Yes, Blender works fine with spacemice. The information on 3DConnexion’s website is very old (2.49 era).
Native support for spacemice was included in 2.59 and has been further refined since then.

For Windows users, ALL USB spacemice from 3dconnexion will work, right out of the box without any driver installation.

For Linux users, using the opensource spacenavd driver, you can also use the antiquated serial 3Dmice as well.

Unfortunately, Mac users are currently limited to only the 3Dmice which 3DConnexion’s drivers currently support.

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