Does Blender work with Ajax?

Now I’m making a chat room for some community experiment. I thought Blender is good enough to do this until I remember that I can’t type a non-English language within Blender. There’re still hard to find another 3D engine like Blender easy and have a good browser plugin. Then I’m finding the way to get Blender working with Chinese now.

  • Does it possible to get multi-language within Blender work in soon future?
  • Is it possible to make Blender work with Ajax(I didn’t know much about Ajax though)?

I think I’m in a wrong forum and if somebody help me change…

I’m not sure what you mean - “does Blender work with AJAX?”

are you using the web plugin or something? I think you’re confusing yourself a little… You shouldn’t need Ajax… the web plugin will update the visualisation on the client side. The only reason you’d want to use AJAX is to update other html/xhtml markup in the pages DOM, without having to refresh the entire page.

post up some more details - that might help to clarify what it is you’re trying to do.

Aye. Since I can’t type Chinese within Blender GE, I’m planning to display messages at HTML page. Then I need something like a python module to call objects out of the Blender plugin.

I have a HTML page, a Blender GE plugin working within it.
I have a chat room with Javascripts at the same page.
I hope to call something at the chat room, by Blender plugin.

That is.

I moved this thread to the correct forum board for you. Bumping it to bring it to everyone’s attention.

hmmm… so you’ve got a game/visualisation etc. running in the Blender plugin… and you want to pull some form of data out of blender and into your web page markup… is that right?

it’s definitely an interesting question, I’ll give you that! perhaps you could use sockets and send the data to your server through python? then in your html markup, you basically have a piece of javascript that uses Ajax to refresh the DIV / whatever you’re updating with information.

I don’t know if you can even use sockets using the web plugin though… you’d have to test it… it won’t be easy even if you can, as you’re going to have to form your own http request/protocol on top of the TCP/IP socket.

do you have a URL we could take a look at? just to sort of get an idea?