Does blenders vse have the capability?

So I may be in the wrong section not sure but here goes. I’m looking to shoot the same video from three different camera angles and combine them into one video with the different cameras separated in boxes. So like a left angle a middle angle and a right angle displayed in columns. Is blender capable of this or do I need a external program? If I do need something else can anyone make some suggestions for a user friendly option? Thanks from a 3d design noob!

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Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, Blender and the VSE (or the compositor) are capable of doing things. However. it may be a bit difficult to do if you don’t already have experience with Blender.

Hello, set the dimensions of the render to 3 times the width of each movie (and height to whatever they are). Then go to VSE insert all 3 movies as strips, and press “n” so you get the right panel, find “screen input” and click on “image offset” (for each strip) move the X value to shift them as necessary.

Hope that helps