Does cycle only work with sRGB files

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im pretty ‘new’ with blender though i i have watched tons of tuts, i never really model that much. Yesterday i was trying something with blender and had exported my textures from indesign, yes i use blender for graphical presentations of designs. I noticed that cycles doesnt show the the texture if its ie adobe rgb 1998. When i changed it to sRGB… it did show up. I’m not sure this is correct as i couldnt find something about this issue

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(did add my final render, sorry no cycles render)


Old thread is old. but yeah, I’ve been having problems with Cycles and colour profiles as well. Blender opens image fies just fine, and rendering with BI is no problem, but my images often render either grayscale, or nearly full black (only pure white pixels remain white). I can fix it by opening the image in GIMP, converting the colour profile (strangely enough, from sRGB IEC61966-2.1 to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, so nothing actually changed, unless GIMP is bugged) and then Cycles reads the images as it should.

Seems like a bug. unfortunately, I’m stuck at Blender 2.64 until someone buys me a new computer, so idk if this is fixed in newer versions already.