Does Denoising work with Render Passes?

Love the denoiser but can it denoise separate render passes too? Was working with the AO pass and realized that it was noisy.

you can see the different passes if you

  • switch from supported to experimental mode.
  • check the “Denoising” check box under “Passes”

after that in the compositor (check"use nodes") the denoiser passes will appear.
but I´m not sure how to combine them(maybe only add them) and if it´s working only with the AO pass.

Thanks for that, I didn’t know about that feature in the experimental version. Did you tried it? How stable is?

Denoising acts like a very clever blur applied to very small areas. It does seem to fairly-eliminate fireflies albeit at a slight loss of sharpness. It might well be a good compromise and there’s really only one way to find out.

No, the denoiser does not affect individual passes, only the combined pass. No way to apply it to the AO pass at all, unfortunately.

I believe this statement is a major oversimplification of the complex algorithms that are actually present in the Cycles denoising code.

There are multiple passes specific to denoising that help with feature detection, then you have de-convolution and a host of other highly complex subjects that most here would not be able to explain easily.

It’s not simply a generic smart-blur or adaptive blur you would find in programs like the GIMP.