Does Dimensions Pro allow for commercial use?

Dimensions is a website with many reference images. However, the terms say that it is free for non-commercial purposes. I looked into their pro version, but there is no mention of commercial use at all, making it unclear if getting Pro actually allows for commercial use.

If I purchase the Pro version of Dimensions, will I be allowed to use the images on there as references for 3D models for commercial games?

According to their TOS:

For commercial purposes, please contact us if you are unclear on the terms of your particular usage of You cannot sell, repackage, or redistribute any of our SVG, DWG, JPG, 3DM, OBJ, or SKP files under any circumstance without consent from You may not re-sell our digital files or modified versions of our digital files. This license does not include the right to compile the drawings or data from to replicate a similar or competing service or data-based project.

You may not use to download drawings or 3D models to use on items for resale. This includes, and is not limited to: clothing items, wearables, posters, books, 3D prints, and other for sale products. Similarly, drawings cannot be used to establish a commercial brand identity through use in a logo or use as significant brand graphics or internal content establishing a graphic identity. Colored versions of 2D drawings, or textured versions of 3D models cannot be resold or marketed as your own products. Please contact us to discuss any particular use cases.

It seems like your best bet is to reach out to them about your particular use case. generally, commercial use isn’t allowed without written permission

I already reached out to them.

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I’m interested in this too, what did they reply?