Does Dynamic Paint work with Cycles?

When I render, the “paint” moves across the “canvas”, but doesn’t leave a trail of paint. I works fine in the 3D window with texture view, but not after it’s rendered. I haven’t tried it in Blender internal render.

Yes it works with cycles + internal
When in doublt go to youTube.

Youtube I saw only showed finished product, but didn’t show how to set up. So I don’t even know if they used cycles, or internal. I thought it best to ask here for help.

To render in Cycles use “attribute” node:

Also check “plus buttons” in output menu of canvas object as on picture.

If no trail then perhaps “dissolve” parameter of canvas was set to too little time.

I set up what you have in the picture but it still doesn’t work. But you don’t say how to connect the attribute node. I linked “Attribute Color” to “Material output”. IF you have to go through all these other settings, then what good is having the “Dynamic Paint” panel anyway? You could just set up all kinds of nodes, if you know how. I don’t know much about nodes, so I thought Dynamic Paint feature of Blender would just work. Isn’t that the idea of having a physics panel? Cloth, fluids, particles etc. they just work like they are supposed to. OK so you can certainly make lots of adjustments to all of those, but they basically work. Dynamic Paint doesn’t do anything at all unless you go through a million steps and tweaks in all other parts of Blender, not just normal adjustments right in the DP panel itself. For example, I don’t have to know anything about nodes, etc. to get a cloth simulation to work. Same for fluids, etc.

Always mind the color coding of the nodes’ inputs and outputs…
The Material Output node’s green inputs should only be connected to green (= shader) outputs, but not the yellow, blue and grey ones of the Attribute node.

What is that texture supposed to “drive” in your scene?

For Internal renderer there is still no need to know nodes, just one checkbox in material properties of canvas object:

Ikari I don’t understand your question about a texture driving something.
Ko I am asking about Cycles, not Blender internal.

Connect them like this:

Ko is this the setup for Cycles? Because I don’t see a “Vertex Colors” area so no “Col” with little camera (?) icon.

I appreciate that you tried to help. but I give up. There are too many details that I need to know, and nobody is willing to tell me where to find all these settings. You are starting in the middle, and I need to know how to start at the beginning of all these things. I found out how to add a node after reading a long tutorial, but there are all these settings, and it’s not easy to find all of them. For instance, is the node setup for the “Paint” object, or the “Canvas” object, or both? How would I know which is correct? If you don’t want to explain, that’s OK, but maybe you can suggest a place to search, because the Blender reference manual doesn’t explain a lot.