Does every detailed...

person, weapon, scenery, etc. start out as a drawing? Or are these models created by meshes only?

It depends, alot of ppl like to use refrences, especailly if they are doing an exact model of a weapon or person. Although they usually use a photo unless they are making a made up person. I would reccomend using refs, but some ppl are so experienced they don’t require it.

When you say they don’t require a ref, do you mean they create scenes, people, etc. out of meshes alone?

I think you may be confused. A drawing would just be a reference. The mesh is what is rendered. If you want to use a reference image, you load it into the 3D window via View > Background Image. This will place a virtual copy of the image there. Then you edit a mesh until it takes the shape of the image. It would be like a blue print, nothing more.


I know that. What I’m trying to ask is:

Do people actually shape meshes (Add>>Mesh>>Whatever mesh they want) and combine all of the individual meshes into one huge image or do they always use some sort of reference pic as a “blueprint”.

well… i think some ppl do use ref. others dont. CMIIW

Do people actually shape meshes (Add>>Mesh>>Whatever mesh they want) and combine all of the individual meshes into one huge image

thats also depends… i think. coz there are many ways on modeling any objects or humans(creatures). there is a way on medeling seperate parts first then they combine together. but there are also other way on doing the same objects/human/whatever building from scratch… err… is that what you mean??..

or are you asking about boolean??

I don’t know what I’m asking really. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am thinking of starting to learn how to model people but I don’t know if I need a reference image or if I can just make one by shaping meshes (ie. sphere for head)

There are several schools on modelling humans, and modelling organic objects in general.

Point by point (or face by face)- You make the model vertice by vertice filling in faces as you go.

Box Modelling- You start out with something like a sphere for a head, and cut and subdivide and shape until you get the desired shape.

Point by point has better control and more accuracy when using a reference, but can result in a lot of just pushing of vertices around to get the proper shape.

Box modelling takes longer, but its easier to do things without a reference image. It also takes some pushing of verts to get a proper shape.

As for starting with a reference image, I would suggest until you feel comfortable with all the topology and methods, that you do start out with a reference image. In the end it results in a lot less work, because you modelled accurately in the first place. Remember that you can always tweak your model so it doesn’t look like the reference.

A good box modelling style tutorial for humans is the one at secondreality. Just go to tutorials and you should find it.

I seee… Hey thanks a bunch ForTe. You’ve answered a lot of my questions on the forums and I really appreciate all of your help. :smiley:

That site is great!