Does exist any data visualization python script for Blender?

I’m gonna work on a project where I’ve to animate data visualization.
Anybody knows if does exist a python script for Blender to handle that kind of stuff?

Right now I’ll probably try to use the particle system, maybe keyed particles. But I’m not sure I’ll get what I need.
What I want to achieve is an animation with different solutions:
1 - Multiple data growing from one point.
2 - Multiple data connected to each other, with some dynamics possibilities (as one point moves the others react to the first - something like Cinema 4D tracer).
3 - Particle trails from main data points.

Kinda hard to explain though, as so far is not much clear to me as well. It’s much more about experimenting, but if something already exists to start to play with, experimentation will definitely be easier rather than investigate in the tool itself.

I’ve found this interesting Java app, the source code is available:

(source code)

I’ve no idea what would involve neither if it could be possible to port Java code to Python.

P.S. sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Thanks for moving it inside Python.

Thank you Atom.
At a first glance I’m not sure Liero’s script can be helpful.

If I’ll find some useful solution I’ll post something.